Глагол to have (иметь, обладать)
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Формы глагола "to have” во временах Simple (Indefinite)

Present Past Future


I - have
you - have
he, she, it - has
I - had
you - had
he, she, it - had
I - shall/will be
you - will be
he, she, it - will be


we, you, they - have we, you, they - had we - shall/will be
you, they - will be

Функции и перевод глагола to have





1. have + сущ - ное

have got + сущ – ное

1. смысловой глагол 1. иметь, обладать

1.I have a book.

I have got a book. – У меня есть книга.

2. a)have + Ved  (3fV)
b)have + been +  Ved, (3fV)
2. вспомог. глагол 2. не переводится 2. a) He has read this book.  – Он прочитал эту книгу.
   b) We have already been asked by  the teacher. – Нас уже опросил учитель.
3. have + to + V 3. модальный глагол 3. должен, вынужден, приходится 3. You have to come home at 8 o’clock. – Ты должен прийти домой в 8 часов.
4. have + сущ – ное 4. устойчивое выражение 4. не переводится 4. She has breakfast at 7 o’clock in the morning. – Она завтракает в 7 часов утра.

Упражнение 1. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. She has come home. 2. He has a large family. 3. We have to leave home early in the morning. 4. He had the letter in his pocket. 5. He has dinner at home. 6. They had to complete their work on Monday. 7. We shall have plenty of fruit in the autumn. 8. We shall have read the story by ten o’clock. 9. Jane has got a beautiful garden. 10. Have a good time!

Упражнение 2. Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1. У меня нет ее адреса. 2. У меня был вчера очень интересный разговор с профессором. 3. У него есть очень интересные книги по электронике. 4. Я должен буду пойти туда еще раз. 5. У нас завтра будет собрание. 6. Я должен вставать теперь очень рано. 7. Вы вчера обедали в ресторане? 8. Есть ли у вас красный карандаш? 9. У меня не было времени навестить его вчера. 10. Мы вынуждены обратиться к врачу.

Упражнение 3. Определите функцию глагола to have. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. In walking machine designs, the designers have tried to reproduce the trajectory of man’s foot. They have proposed a number of patterns for effecting such trajectories. Some of them have simply resorted to a rectilinear pattern, while others have selected the optimum trajectory. For example, American scientist J. Shighey thinks that the best trajectory is an oval composed of two semicircumferences and two straight lines. He has developed a series of mechanisms for walking devices, in particular, a pantograph mechanism.
2. Specialists in engineering materials have taken a new approach to the problem of the permanent nature of whose properties can be changed and controlled. That’s why specialists have to create materials with variable porosity, elasticity and thermal conductivity.
Упражнение 4. Определите, в каком случае глагол to have является вспомогательным для образования формы Perfect.
1.We have many laboratory tests this year. 2.We have made many laboratory tests this year. 3.We have to make many laboratory tests this year. 4. Old automobiles had no amenities (удобства) for drivers. 5.He had already finished his experiment when we came. 6. He had to repeat his experiment once more last week.
a)    Укажите предложение, в котором глагол to have выражает долженствование
1.We shall have a meeting tomorrow. 2.They have already finished the experiment. 3.This student will have to make a report about his work.