Образование наречий
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1. прилагательное + ly > наречие
clear > clearly
happy > happily
exact > exactly
serious > seriously
bad > badly
Но: good > well

She has a clear voice.
He is a happy child.
It is an exact science.
They are serious people.
He got a bad mark.
He got a good mark.
She said it clearly.
He smiled happily.
Tell us exactly about it.
They do everithing seriously.
He answered badly.
He answered well.

2. прилагательное = наречие
best , better, big, cheap, clean, clear, close, cold, daily, dead, dear, deep, direct, dirty, early, easy, extra , far, fast, fine, free, further, hard, high, hourly, inside, kindly, last, late, long, loud, low, monthly, past, quick, quiet, right, slow, straight, sure, thin, weekly, well, wide, wrong

It’s a hard task.
We took a fast train.
It was a late hour.
I am an early bird.
It’s a far country.
Think hard about it.
He alwyas drives fast.
We came home late.
I always get up early.
How far is it?
Следует обращать внимание на различие в значениях наречий:
Those birds fly high. (высоко)
She thinks highly of her teacher. (высокого мнения)
He lives near his office. (близко, рядом)
It’s nearly 5 o’clock. (почти)