The adverb (Наречие)
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Образование наречий
Место наречия в предложении
Degrees of comparison of adverbs (Степени сравнения наречий)

Выберите прилагательное или наречие .

1. The younger you are, the (easier, more easy) it is to learn.
2. I suppose you know him well-probably (better, more well) than someone else.
3. He spoke English badly  (worse, more badly) than I expected.
4. I can’t understand what you’re saying. Could you speak a bit (slowlier, more slowly)?
5. I’d like to change cars (oftener, more often).
6. I thanked him again even (heartily, more heartily, most heartily).
7. I hope you can see slightly (clearly, more clearly, most clearly).
8. "Take it (easy, easily),” I said to my friend.
9. On my days off I wake up later than (usual, usually).
10. There was a (happily, happy) smile on her face.