Вопросы по английскому языку для подготовки к ЕНТ
1) What’s the name of the most famous clock in Britain?
a) Big Albert b) Big Stephen c) Big Wren d) Big Ben
2) What’s tartan?
a) a dish b)a pattern of the kilt c) a bird d) a dance
(tartan- шотландка,kilt- a skirt with many folds that is worn by men)
3) Where is Glasgow situated?
a) in Scotland b) in Wales c) in England d) in Northern Ireland
4) What’s the name of the London underground?
a) Metro b) Tube c) Subway d) Underground
5) What’s the nickname of the liberal party?
a) the Tories b) the Whips c) the Libs d) the Whigs
6) What is the symbol of the Speaker’s authority?
a) the mace b)the woolsack c) the ribbon d) the bell
(mace-булава, жезл)
7) Who presides over the House of Lords?
a) Prime Minister b) Lord Chancellor c)Lord Protector d) the Speaker
(to preside- председательствовать)
8) What’s the name of the British flag?
a) Star-Spangled Banner b) Stripes and Stars c) Union Jack d) John Bull
9) What London street is famous for shops?

a) Oxford Street b)Fleet Street c) Lombard Street d) CharingCross Road
10) What was J. Constable?
a) a musician b) a politician c) a poet d) a painter
11) What is the Barbican?
a) a river b) an art centerc) a pop group d) a cinema
12) Where is Ben Nevis situated?
a) in Scotland b) in Wales c) in England d) in Northern Ireland
13) Who is the head of the state in Britain?
a) Mayor b) Prime Minister c) Queen d) Speaker
14) What is standing in the middle of Piccadilly?
a) the Statue of Eros b) the Statue of Panc) the Statue of Cromwell d) the Marble Arch
15) What is soccer?
a) American football b) hockey c) squash d) boat- racing
16) What is Humpty Dumpty?
a) a toy b) an egg c) an animald)a bird
17) Where is the official residence of the Queen?
a) ChathamHouse b) RegentPalace c) Westminster Palace d)Buckingham Palace
18) What is Benjamin Britten?
a) an architect b) a composer c) a writerd) a politician
19) What is the emblem of Wales?
a) Rose b) Leek c) Thistled) Shamrock
(Leek-лук-порей, Thistle-чертополох, Shamrock-трилистник)
20) What’s the name of the Queen’s eldest son?
a) Charles b) Philip c) Andrew d) Edward
21) What is the nickname of the Conservative Party?
a) the Tories b) the Whigs c) the Libs d) the Whips
22) What monument is there in the centre ofTrafalgar Square?
a) Cromwell’sstatueb) Nelson’s Column c) Queen’s statue d) EdwardElgar’s statue
23) Which animal can look at the Queen?
a) a dog b) a cat c) a lion d) a tiger
24) What’s the name of Sir Churchill?
a) Winston b) George c) Christopher d) Benjamin
25) Who presides over the Houseof Commons?
a) Lord Mayor b)Lord Chancellorc) Prime Ministerd) Speaker
26) For Christmas dinner the English usually have…
a) chicken b) roast beef c) fish d) turkey
27) The Whispering Gallery is situated in …
a) Westminster Abbey b) St. Paul’s Cathedralc) Tower d) Hyde Park
28) What is Eisteddfod?
a) a county b) a dish c) a festival d) a dance
29) Who wrote“Winnie-the-Pooh”?
a) L. Carroll b) O. Wildec) J. R. Tolkiend) A.Milne
30) What is custard?
a) cream b) a puddingc) a pie d) a tart
(custard-сладкий заварной крем)
31) What is the most ancient monument in Great Britain?
a) the Lower WestGate b) Stonehenge c) Hadrian’s Wall
d) the Tower Gate
32) What is M. Thatcher by profession?
a) an engineer b) a doctorc) a chemist d) a teacher
33) Who is the headof the government in the UK?
a) Prime Minister b)Queen c) Speaker d) Chancellor
34) Where is the Bank of England situated?
a) in the West End b) in the East Endc) in the City d) in the South
35) What is English marmalade?
a) apple jam b) orange jam c) sweets d) a cake
36)The Romans first invaded Britain in …
a) the 5thcentury AD b) the 5thcenturyBCc) the 1stcentury BC
d) the 1stcentury AD
(to invade- вторгаться)
37) Guy Fawkes is …
a) a national hero of Britainb) a poet c) a famous historian
d) the man that wanted to set fire to the House ofParliament
38) The telephone was invented by…
a)IsaakNewton b) Alexander Bell c) Michael Faraday d) James Watt
39) The midday meal in Britain is called …
a) breakfastb) lunch c) dinner d) snack
40) Which party was Margaret Thatcher the leader of?
a) Labour b) Social – Democraticc) Liberald) Conservative.
41) The Irish Sea is …
a) to the west of England b) to the east of Englandc) to the north of England
d) to the south of England
42) The official language of Canada is …
a) English b) French c) English and French d) English and Spanish
43) The capital of the US is …
a) New York b) Washington c) Boston d) Philadelphia
44) Onthe whole the climateofGreat Britain is …
a) dryb) frosty c) mild d) tropical
45) Elisabeth II lives in …
a) No 10, Downing Street b) the Tower of Londonc) Buckingham Palace
d) Westminster Palace
46) The London Royal Opera House is called …
a) Covent Gardenb) the National Theatre c)”Old Vic” Theatre
d) the Barbican
47) The traditional English drink is …
a) coffee b) teac) cocoad) milk
48) The symbol of the US is…
a) Union Jack b) Uncle Samc) Big Ben d) Pall Mall
49) The Colorado is …
a) in Africab) in North America c) in South America d) in Brazil
50) New England is …
a) a separate country b) part of Great Britainc) part of the US d) an island
51) The capital of Canada is …
a) Ottawa b) Quebecc) Toronto d) Melbourne
52) The British money is …
a) franksb) dollarsc) cronesd) pounds
53) RobinHood is…
a) a national hero of Englandb) a British spyc) a popular characterof
novels and tales d) a famous writer
54) Margaret Thatcher was …
a) Queen of Britain b) British Prime Ministerc) leader of the Labour party
d) a film star
55) In the United States “down town” means…
a) away from the center b) in the centrec) in a suburbd) asmall town
56) The Quakers are …
a) a religious movementb) a pop group c) the title of a book d) the title of a film
57) What great historical event happened in 1066?
a) the Roman invasionb) a bourgeois revolutionc) the battle of Hastings
d) the Danish invasion
58) The printing press was invented by …
a) Oliver Cromwell b) William Caxton c) William the Conqueror
d) Alexander Bell
59) Secondary education in Britain is …
a) compulsive b) compulsory c) optional d) voluntary
60) Thesize of the house in Britain is determined by the number of …
a) sittings rooms b) kitchens c) bedrooms d) floors
61) The capital of Australia is …
a) Melbourne b) Sidney c) Canberra d) Ottawa
62) Cockney is…
a) a bird b) a dish c) an accent d) a town
63) Aberdeen is in…
a) Englandb) Scotland c) Walesd) Ireland
64) The safest topic for conversation in England is…
a) politics b) music c) weather d) love
65) John Steinbeck is a famous … writer
a) English b) American c) Canadian d) Australian
66) The US consists of … states
a) 38 b)49c) 50d) 51
67) High school is …
a) a collegeb) a university c) a very good school d) upper grades of
secondary school
68) The English colonization of the American continent began in the …
a) 15th century b)16thcenturyc) 17thcenturyd) 18thcentury
69) Bill Clinton is the …President of the US
a) 40th b) 41stc) 42nd d) 43d
70) “ Alice in Wonderland” was written by …
a) Jane Austenb) Muriel Spark c) Lewis Carrolld) Iris Murdock
71) England consists of…
a) districts b) counties c) states d) regions
72) Smog is …
a) a man’s suitb) a heavy rain c) a thick fog d) a man’s hat
73) Porridge is made of …
a) wheatb) barleyc) rye d) oats
( barley- ячмень, rye- рожь, oats-овёс)
74) A limerick is …
a) a dish b) a rhymec) a bird d) a game
75) Boston is in…
a) Floridab) Mexico c) Texas d) Massachusetts
76) Gulf Stream originates in …
a) the Gulf of Mexicob) the PersianGulfc) the Gibraltard) the Panama Canal
77) The Tower ofLondon now is …
a) a prisonb) a royalresidencec)a museumd) a burial place
78) Englishmen eat dinner at…
a) 11 a.m.b) 2 p.m.c) 6 p.m. d) 9 p.m.
79) A brunch is…
a) breakfastb) late breakfastc) dinner d) a tea party

80) What river does London stand on?
a) the Thamesb) the Severn c) the Avon d) the Clyde
81) Under what king did the knights of the round table gather together?
a) Henry IVb) EdwardIIc) Arthurd) William the Conqueror
82) What is Britain separated from the Continent by?
a) the English Channel b) the PersianGulf c) the Suez Canal d) the Gulf of Mexico
83) Robert Burnsis a … poet .
a) American b) English c) Scottish d) Welsh
84) R. Kipling wrote …
a) “ Canterbury Tales” b) “Alice in Wonderland” c) “ Treasure Island”
d) “Maugly”
85) The language spoken in Scotland is …
a) Scot b) Scottishc) Scotchd) Scotland’s
86) The oldest university in Britain is…
a) Londonb) Cambridge c) Oxford d) Edinburgh
87) The financial centre of London is …
a) the West End b) the East Endc) Westminsterd) the City
88) Which party is in power in Great Britain now?
a) the Labour b) the Conservativec) the Liberal d) the Social –Democratic
89) The telephone number to call for emergency services in Britain is…
a) 03b) 09c) 911d) 999
90) A double-decker is…
a) a train b) a small plain c) a hotelroom for two people d) a bus
91) The common name for a toy bear in England is…
a) Michael-bearb) Tom- bearc) Teddy-beard) Jack-bear
92) The“Dynasty” is an American…
a) operab) soap opera c) musical d) documentary
93) The CrownJewels are in …
a) the Tower of London b) Buckingham Palace c) Westminster Palace
d) theBritish Museum
94) St. Patrick is the patron of …
a) Wales b) England c) Ireland d) Scotland
95) St. Valentine’s Day is observed in …
a) February b) May c) November d) December
96) In England “ public school ” means …
a) state- financed school b) private school c) comprehensive school
d) religious school
97) When it is 12 o’clock in Moscow in London it is…
a) 6 o’clock b) 7 o’clock c) 8 o’clockd) 9 o’clock
98) In Britain people’s weight is measured in …
a) tons b) kilosc) stones and pounds d) pints
99) Santa Barbara is in…
a)California b) Florida c) Arizona d) Texas

100) The first colonists in America started the tradition of…
a) IndependenceDay b) Halloweenc) Thanksgiving Day
d) Memorial Day e) St. Patric’sDay
101) What does Britain consists of…
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
101) Name two major British political parties…
102) What does the abbreviation “ MP ” stand for ?
Member of Parliament
103) What do the Scots celebrate on ‘hogmanay’?
New Year’s Eve
104) What is ‘bed and breakfast’?
a type of accommodation with breakfast in the morning, found in a house orsmall hotel
105) When do people do A levels?
Normally before they leave schools, at 17/18, but adults can also take them
at evening classes
106) Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s II…
a) sonb) husbandc) father d) brothere) uncle
107) Why did people from England come to America?
they had listened about the NewWorld
they took part in the War of Independence
they wanted to make a better life for themselves
they did not like America
they wanted to speak English

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