Тесты по английскому языку (1000 вопросов с ответами)
Вопрос 1
... always go abroad during their summer holidays.
A) they;
B) he;
C) she;
D) us;
E) her.
Вопрос 2
Give ... the book, please.
A) I;
B) she;
C) we;
D) me;
E) their.
Вопрос 3
He is an old friend of ... .
A) my;
B) your;
C) ours;
D) her;
E) their.
Вопрос 4
He washed and dressed ... .
A) he;
B) herself;
C) himself;
D) ourself;
E) his.
Вопрос 5
... is that man?- Klimov Ivan Petrovich.
A) What;
B) Who;
C) Where;
D) How;
E) When.
Вопрос 6
... ... pupils are there in your class?
A) How many;
B) How much;
C) How old;
D) What;
E) Which.
Вопрос 7
... is that man?- He is a doctor.
A) Who;
B) What;
C) Which;
D) How;
E) When.
Вопрос 8
... friend made some mistakes in his dictation.
A) My;
B) He;
C) Mine;
D) Them;
E) Yours.
Вопрос 9
Is ... absent today?
A) somebody;
B) anybody;
C) nobody;
D) anywhere;
E) some.
Вопрос 10
I can’t do it today. I have ... free time.
A) much;
B) many;
C) little;
D) few;
E) a lot of.
Вопрос 11
If you ever have ... problems, let me know.
A) any;
B) some;
C) no;
D) every;
E) something.
Вопрос 12
Did ... see this film yesterday?
A) somebody;
B) anybody;
C) nobody;
D) everybody;
E) anything.
Вопрос 13
How ... English words do you know?
A) many;
B) much;
C) little;
D) few;
E) more.
Вопрос 14
Don’t worry. We have ... time before the train comes in.
A) little;
B) few;
C) much;
D) many;
E) more.
Вопрос 15
These pencils are ... , take ... if you want.
A) my / it;
B) our / them;
C) mine / it;
D) her / them;
E) mine / them.
Вопрос 16
I have lost ... pen, may I take ... ?
A) mine / your;
B) your / your;
C) my / yours;
D) her / your;
E) yours / my.
Вопрос 17
... often meet here.
A) We;
B) He;
C) She;
D) Our;
E) Them.
Вопрос 18
She’ll go there with ... husband and ... daughter.
A) her / her;
B) hers / her;
C) her / hers;
D) my / mine;
E) mine / my.
Вопрос 19
My elder brother looks like ... mother .
A) hers;
B) my;
C) yours;
D) this;
E) her.
Вопрос 20
... of you knows his address?
A) Who;
B) Which;
C) What;
D) How;
E) How many.
Вопрос 21
We have very many relatives in ... native town.
A) my;
B) our;
C) ours;
D) theirs;
E) them.
Вопрос 22
They can do it ... .
A) ourself;
B) myself;
C) themselves;
D) theirself;
E) theirs.
Вопрос 23
She took off ... coat and began to work.
A) she;
B) her;
C) hers;
D) herself;
E) mine.
Вопрос 24
I’ve got no pen to write with. I’ll ask Mary to give me ... .
A) her;
B) hers;
C) herself;
D) mine;
E) my.
Вопрос 25
First of all we shall listen to ... suggestions, then we shall put forward ...
A) their / our;
B) theirs / our;
C) their / ours;
D) theirs / ours;
E) they / our.
Вопрос 26
There are more than ... books in the library.
A) 2 million;
B) 2 millions;
C) 2nd million;
D) the 2 million;
E) 2th millions.
Вопрос 27
The first of June nineteen hundred
A) первое июня 1900;
В) первое июля 1900;
С) первое июня 9010;
D) первое июня 19100;
Е) первое июня 1990.
Вопрос 28
His birthday on ... of October.
A) the four;
B) four;
C) the fourth;
D) fourth;
E) the fours.
Вопрос 29
He moved there some years ago, in 1950.
A) ninety fifty;
B) nineteen fifty;
C) ninety fifteen;
D) nineteen fifteen;
E) ninty fifty.
Вопрос 30
This famous poet was born on ... of October.
A) the twenty three;
B) twenty threeth;
C) the twenty third;
D) twentieth third;
E) twenty third .
Вопрос 31
Are you a student?-Yes, ... .
A) I’m;
B) I do;
C) I have;
D) I’m not;
E) he is.
Вопрос 32
Does he spend his holidays by the sea?
A) Yes, I do;
B) No, he does;
C) Yes, he does;
D) Yes, I am;
E) No, I am not.
Вопрос 33
Have the workers done their work?-Yes, ... .
A) I have;
B) they have not;
C) they do;
D) they have;
E) they are.
Вопрос 34
She is very pretty, ... ?
A) is she;
B) does she;
C) isn’t she;
D) doesn’t she;
E) has she.
Вопрос 35
He is rich and famous.-... .
A) So do I;
B) So am I;
C) So I am;
D) Neither do I;
E) Neither I am.
Вопрос 36
Ann knew it, ... ?
A) didn’t she;
B) does she;
C) doesn’t she;
D) did she;
E) is she.
Вопрос 37
There is no bread at home, ... ?
A) is there;
B) isn’t there;
C) there is;
D) are there;
E) is here.
Вопрос 38
There are many students at the meeting, ... ?
A) isn’t it;
B) aren’t there;
C) are there;
D) is there;
E) are they.
Вопрос 39
You can’t swim, ... ?
A) can she;
B) can’t you;
C) can you;
D) may I;
E) can.
Вопрос 40
Where ... my glasses? – I have just lost ... .
A) is / it ;
B) are / it;
C) is / them;
D) are / them;
E) was / it.
Вопрос 41
Your advice ... very useful. I usually use your ... when I am in trouble.
A) is / advice;
B) is / advices;
C) are / advice;
D) are / advices;
E) were / advices.
Вопрос 42
They say money ... the soul of business.
A) is;
B) are;
C) were;
D) to be;
E) have.
Вопрос 43
Too ... knowledge ... the head bold.
A) much / make;
B) many / makes;
C) much / makes;
D) many/ make;
E) little / make.
Вопрос 44
The book contains ... information. It’s very useful.
A) much;
B) many;
C) little;
D) few;
E) a few.
Вопрос 45
He has ... friends in this town and he feels lonely.
A) much;
B) many;
C) little;
D) few;
E) a little.
Вопрос 46
His clothes ... usually very cheap, but he is actually well-off.
A) are;
B) is;
C) was;
D) were;
E) to be.
Вопрос 47
... character my father is a quiet man.
A) On;
B) By;
C) For;
D) The;
E) At.
Вопрос 48
I’ve got good relations ... my mum.
A) to;
B) by;
C) with;
D) at;
E) from.
Вопрос 49
She is always interested ... what I do.
A) at;
B) in;
C) by;
D) on;
E) of.
Вопрос 50
My younger sister is very popular ... her friends at parties.
A) at;
B) by;
C) with;
D) from;
E) of.
Вопрос 51
He is keen ... ancient languages.
A) in;
B) on;
C) at;
D) with;
E) by.
Вопрос 52
My mother’s sister is my ... .
A) niece;
B) aunt;
C) sister;
D) sister-in-law;
E) nephew.
Вопрос 53
Parents of my father are my ... .
A) grandparents;
B) relatives;
C) distant relatives;
D) parents-in-law;
E) stepparents.
Вопрос 54
My sister’s husband is my ... .
A) son-in-law;
B) brother-in-law;
C) relatives;
D) father-in-law;
E) stepbrother.
Вопрос 55
Son of my brother is my ... .
A) cousin;
B) brother-in-law;
C) niece;
D) nephew;
E) brother.
Вопрос 56
The mother of my husband is my ... .
A) mother;
B) mother-in-law;
C) grandmother;
D) sister;
E) stepmother.
Вопрос 57
Children of aunt are my ... .
A) sisters;
B) brothers;
C) cousins;
D) nephews;
E) nieces.
Вопрос 58
My children are my parents’ ... .
A) children-in-law;
B) grandsons;
C) granddaughters;
D) grandchildren;
E) grandnephews.
Вопрос 59
Our large family consists ... 8 people.
A) at;
B) on;
C) of;
D) with;
E) by.
Вопрос 60
We ... fond ... reading fairy-tales when we were children.
A) are / at;
B) are / of;
C) were / with;
D) was / by;
E) were / of.
Вопрос 61
... appearance he is an impressive figure.
A) At;
B) By;
C) In;
D) On;
E) To.
Вопрос 62
We ... friends with Oleg in childhood.
A) did;
B) took;
C) made;
D) called;
E) began.
Вопрос 63
He is going ... for sports.
A) at;
B) on;
C) in;
D) with;
E) by.
Вопрос 64
Nursery school , kindergarten , ... , institute.
A) university;
B) college;
C) secondary school;
D) work;
E) pension.
Вопрос 65
I’m quite ... and easy to deal with.So I have a lot of friends with whom we spend much time together.
A) kind;
B) industrial;
C) sociable;
D) energetic;
E) calm.
Вопрос 66
He usually gets up ... half past seven.
A) in;
B) at;
C) on;
D) a;
E) into.
Вопрос 67
My working day ... 6 hours.
A) begins;
B) starts;
C) lasts;
D) finishes;
E) continues.
Вопрос 68
He tries to do ... morning exercises every morning.
A) his;
B) her;
C) hers;
D) our;
E) my.
Вопрос 69
Shame on you. Why you don’t ... classes.
A) miss;
B) go;
C) attend;
D) visit;
E) show.
Вопрос 70
All our students have dinner in their University’s ... .
A) library;
B) cloakroom;
C) canteen;
D) Dean’s Room;
E) labs.
Вопрос 71
Students often read up for lessons in the ... .
A) library;
B) cloakroom;
C) Dean’s Room;
D) canteen;
E) labs.
Вопрос 72
On week-ends we like to go ... a walk with our friends.
A) at;
B) on;
C) for;
D) with;
E) to.
Вопрос 73
As ... rule we have little free time on my week-days.
A) the;
B) an;
C) a;
D) - ;
E) to.
Вопрос 74
Sometimes I have scrambled eggs ... breakfast.
A) on;
B) for;
C) at;
D) - ;
E) by.
Вопрос 75
After ... I put on my coat, take my bag, and go to the University.
A) breakfast;
B) lunch;
C) dinner;
D) supper;
E) 5 o’clock tea.
Вопрос 76
In the morning if I have enough time I take ... .
A) a pen;
B) a breakfast;
C) a taxi;
D) a lessons;
E) a shower.
Вопрос 77
As a rule before I go to ... I read books.
A) home;
B) bed;
C) Institute;
D) away;
E) friends.
Вопрос 78
... weekend I get up later than usual.
A) At;
B) On;
C) Of;
D) The;
E) By.
Вопрос 79
It ... me half an hour to go to the University on foot.
A) does;
B) makes;
C) takes;
D) keeps;
E) asks.
Вопрос 80
Then I go to the ... where I clean my teeth, wash myself and brush my hair.
A) my room;
B) bathroom;
C) sitting room;
D) dining room;
E) kitchen.
Вопрос 81
I don’t want ... for the first lesson so I come a few minutes before the bell.
A) to be ill;
B) to be fond;
C) to be late;
D) to be interested;
E) to be proud.
Вопрос 82
After classes I go ... and have dinner there.
A) at home;
B) to home;
C) home;
D) to the house;
E) in the home.
Вопрос 83
When I have ... I try to do my best to meet with my friends.
A) few time;
B) free time;
C) many time;
D) a few time;
E) a free time.
Вопрос 84
Eight o’clock a.m. is ... time in our family.
A) breakfast;
B) dinner;
C) supper;
D) lunch;
E) 5 o’clock tea.
Вопрос 85
When do you leave home ... work?
A) at;
B) for;
C) to;
D) in;
E) into.
Вопрос 86
What I do on my days off realy depends ... what the weather is like.
A) at;
B) on;
C) in;
D) to;
E) of.
Вопрос 87
... the left of the wall unit there is a corner-sofa with two armchairs.
A) At;
B) In;
C) To;
D) Near;
E) On.
Вопрос 88
... the opposite corner there is a TV-set with a video and tape-recorder.
A) At;
B) In;
C) To;
D) Near;
E) On.
Вопрос 89
You can see a lovely carpet ... the middle ... the room.
A) on / in;
B) of / at;
C) in / of;
D) at / in;
E) of / of.
Вопрос 90
We are looking ... a flat with all modern conveniences.
A) at;
B) in;
C) after;
D) for;
E) out.
Вопрос 91
My flat is ... the third floor.
A) at;
B) in;
C) to;
D) on;
E) of.
Вопрос 92
Where do you keep your clothes?
A) sofa-bed;
B) side-board;
C) wardrobe;
D) cupboard;
E) bedside table.
Вопрос 93
Where do you usually have meals?
A) bedroom;
B) living-room;
C) study;
D) kitchen;
E) entrance hall.
Вопрос 94
Where do people hang their clothes?
A) hall-stand;
B) mirror;
C) arm-chair;
D) sofa;
E) door.
Вопрос 95
... there white curtains on the windows?
A) Is;
B) Are;
C) Have;
D) Has;
E) Was.
Вопрос 96
I live ... a new 9-storeyed block ... flats ... Chockin Street.
A) on / of / on;
B) at / at / of;
C) in / of / in;
D) in / at / at;
E) of / of / on.
Вопрос 97
My room... a green park and has a lot of sunshine.
A) looks;
B) sees;
C) overlooks;
D) is;
E) shows.
Вопрос 98
I spend most of my time in my bedroom which I use ... a study.
A) like;
B) as;
C) how;
D) look like;
E) looks.
Вопрос 99
East or West ... is best.
A) house;
B) flat;
C) home;
D) block of flats;
E) room.
Вопрос 100
An Englishman house is his ... .
A) work;
B) hobby;
C) castle;
D) residence;
E) box.

1 A
2 D
3 C
4 C
5 B
6 A
7 B
8 A
9 B
10 C
11 A
12 B
13 A
14 C
15 E
16 C
17 A
18 A
19 B
20 A
21 B
22 C
23 B
24 B
25 C
26 A
27 A
28 C
29 B
30 C
31 A
32 C
33 D
34 C
35 B
36 A
37 A
38 B
39 C
40 D
41 A
42 A
43 C
44 A
45 D
46 A
47 B
48 C
49 B
50 C
51 B
52 B
53 A
54 B
55 D
56 B
57 C
58 D
59 C
60 E
61 C
62 C
63 C
64 C
65 C
66 B
67 C
68 A
69 C
70 C
71 A
72 C
73 C
74 B
75 A
76 E
77 B
78 A
79 C
80 B
81 C
82 C
83 B
84 A
85 B
86 B
87 C
88 B
89 C
90 D
91 D
92 C
93 D
94 A
95 B
96 C
97 C
98 B
99 C
100 C

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