Практический курс английского языка

essential course
unit one
text. anne meets her glass
topic: choosing а carees
unit two
text. a day's wait by ernest hemingway
topic: illnesses and their treatment
unit three
text. introducing london
topic: city
unit four
text. how we kept mother's day by stephen leacock
topic: meals
unit five
text. a freshman's experience from "daddy long-legs" by jean webster
topic: education
unit six
text. a friend in need by william somerset maugham (abridged)
topic: sports and games
unit seven
text. the british isles
topic: geography
unit eight
text. seeing people off by max beerbohm
topic: travelling
unit nine
text. rose at the music-hall from "they walk in the city" by j. b. priestley
topic: theatre
a. classroom english
b. conversational phrases
exercises in intonation
section one. review of fundamental intonation patterns and their use
section two. intonation pattern ix. high fall
section three. intonation pattern x
(low pre-head+) rising head + high fall (+ tail)
section four. intonation pattern xi
(low pre-head + ) falling head+ high fall (+ tail)
section five compound tunes fall + rise
section six compound tunes
two or more falls within one sense-group
section seven intonation pattern xii
(low pre-head + ) high rise (+tail)
section eight. high pre-head
grammar exercises
revision exercises on tense and voice
the subjunctive mood and the conditional mood
modal verbs
revision exercises on mood and modal verbs
non-finite forms of the verb
the infinitive
the gerund
the participles
revision exercises on the verbais
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