Переводчик с английского на казахский
Помогите найти в всем интернете нигде такого не встречал, чтобы тесты переводились на казахских язык с английского или с английского на казахский. Очень прошу скачайте эту программу и закиньте на этот сайт в комментарий или скиньте мне на мыло:
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Томирис   14.03.2016 11:39
I can't .
Не правильно написала
Томирис   14.03.2016 11:37
I can'tell. I've got to study.
Where do you live?
How do I get there from school?
Как прочитать
Артем   14.09.2015 20:33
Ребятки google переводчик вам в помощь!
Аида   14.09.2015 20:09
custom is a second nature
Аида   14.09.2015 20:08
appearances are deceitful
Мадина   31.01.2015 00:03
Как переводить?
шолпан   08.09.2014 23:07
Это составляет 30 миль к северу от Лондона.
Алинур   04.04.2014 00:30
я не знаю англиский
Zhanel   12.03.2013 21:33
Kazakhs are becoming more and more famous internationally for their success in sport. They are probably best known for boxing. Kazakh boxers regularly win more Olimpic medals than any other country except Cuba and Russia. Vasily Jirov won a gold medal in 1996 and Bakhtiyar Artaev won another gold for Kazakhstan in 2004. They also both won a prize (the Val Darker trophy) for the best style of boxing at the Olimpic Games
Nursultan   21.02.2013 00:28
Хотя я знаю 2 языка русский и казахский))
Nursultan   21.02.2013 00:28
класс но я ничё не переводил))),и ничё не скачивал)))),а смотрел с других сайтов..))
Айдана   11.01.2013 03:23
This is a picture of a scene at an airport. The weather`s very good and the sun is shining. Maybe it`s summer. In the foreground,there`s large bus. This takes the passengers from the airport building to their plane. It has big glass windows. On the left,there`s airport building. It has metal walls and glass windows. That`s where the passenger wait before they go to their plane. In the background,there`s a plane. It`s got the name Premium Airlines on the side and has got a purple body and white wings. On the right,there`s a baggage truck. It takes all the passengers` baggage from the airport building to the plane. There aren`t many people in the picture. Perhaps the passengers are in the airport building waiting to get on their plane.
jansaya   10.01.2013 22:43
отлично!мне понравилось!))))
айдана   29.11.2012 23:06
блин я люблю английского языка но я не могу скачать она мне срочна нода) ребята скажите пажалуйста
айдана   29.11.2012 23:04
как можно скачать эту переводчик или нельзя скачать?
Артем   30.11.2012 13:09
Скорее всего нельзя. Думаю я сегодня найду хороший переводчик.
Dauren   12.04.2012 22:49
The teacher says to the class: Today is your first English lesson in the fifth form.At our lesson we are going to talk about the seasons of the year.They are spring,summer,winter,autumn.In spring it is warm.You can see small leaves on the summer it is hot and there are a lot of flowers in the fields and gardens.the farmers work there all day.In autumn there is a lot of fruit and children like to eat it.Here the teacher stops and looks at one of the puplils.Don't talk at the lesson,Alec,he says listen to me.Can you tell us when is the best time for apples? Of course,i can,says Alec.It is when the farmer is not at home and there is no dog in the garden
nik   24.01.2012 23:48
Once ipon a time there was a king,Sunjar.Who had a daughter,princess Banu.The princess became ill her father the king was very sad because he could cure her,Then one day a stronger arrived in the capital,a man called shadack the physician,who offered to cure the princess.
saltanat   19.01.2012 19:15
сара   12.01.2012 22:40
Cambride and its environment
aruka   11.11.2011 18:33
it was such a huge tree that two men could not link their arms and circle it. Lu Pan hacked and sawed until the tree fell to the ground. Now would the Master be pleased?/ but no. The Master gave him yet another task. This time he was to make the tree into a smooth, round form Lu Pan took up the axe and struggeled with his new task. At last he finished it. He feilt he could not do another stroke of work./ This time the old Master was pleased with Lu pan's work. "Well done, my boy," he said. "I see that no problem is too dofficult for you to attempt. You have courage. Now I am ready to teach you all that i know."/ He led Lu pan to a room piled high with modrls, all of them were fine examples of the carpenter's craft. Lu pan was amazed. "Now take each one of these models apart and put it together again," the Master ordered. / Fascinated by the models, Lu pan went to work with a will, going into the room every day before dawn. He did not leave it until the stars were bright in sky. He took apart each one of the models and put them all together again until he knew all the parts by heart. He worked in fashion in the Master' hit for there whole years./ At the end of the third year , The Master wished to fund out just how much Lu pan had learnd. So he hurned all the make any new design that the Master ordered./ The Master was satified with the progress his appperentice had made. "You have mastered our craft," he tol him. "Now it is time for you to leave me."/ "Please allow me to remain here for three more years," the boy begged./ "From now on," the Master Carpenter answered, "you will be learing though actual work, out one your own. And never forget, my young friend, that nlearing is the work of a lifetime."/ Lu pan took his leave of the Master. There were tearest in hia eyes.
сара   28.10.2011 13:06
There are a lot of pears.
There isn`t much orange juice.
There are a few mushrooms.
I can`t see any eggs.
jomi   04.10.2011 19:30
гость   02.10.2011 13:38
where did you go during the holiday?
Really? Did you go to Moscow?
Where did you go?
Nice.How did you get there?
Who did you go with?
How long did you spend there?
Did you have a good holiday?
What did you do?
What was the weather like?
Бота   26.09.2011 21:38
Hi! It’s me again. There is plenty to do after school hours, particularly sport which I enjoy most. I love many sports but best of all football. Almost all my friends are in our football team. We train hard and we often play for the school in various regional youth tournaments. Our coach has taught us all rigid rules which must be strictly observed. The last game we played ended in a draw-3:3. and though we know the famous Olimpic quotation “the most important thing is not to win, but to take part”, we all want to win some day.
I do sport every day. After school on Mondays I go running with my friends for about an hour. Then I go to the swimming pool. Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit. It makes your legs and body strong.
Pele, the greatest footballer of all time, is my idol in football.
He became a world star at the age of only 17, when brazil first won the World Cup competitions and scored over 1.200 goals in his career before finally retiring in 1977. In 1994 he became Brazilian special minister for sport.
I’m happy that I have taken up sport. It helps me to become fit and I hope it will help to develop confidence, persistence, responsibility, and courage which are most important qualities to become a personality. Besides sport gives you a sense of collectivism and discipline.
Жайна   27.05.2011 19:57
Переводчик англо-казахский
Махсат   20.05.2011 15:43
i dont think it's reality. It's a bullshit.
Артем   18.05.2011 13:10
Думаю такую программу еще не выпустили, совсем недавно я слышал обновили русско - казахский и казахско - русский электронный словарь, но вот чтобы с английского это врядли. Если только не воспользоваться связкой казахский - русский - английский или английский - русский - казахский.
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